Sunday, September 25, 2011


"Much suffering, much unhappiness arises when you take each thought that comes into your head for the truth. Situations don't make you unhappy. They may cause you physical pain, but they don't make you unhappy. Your thoughts make you unhappy. Your interpretations, the stories you tell yourself make you unhappy." ~Tolle

What are you deciding to believe today?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Automnal Equinox & 108

Why, hello there, Fall. It is so great to see you, finally. You and your weather that mellows and calms. Temperatures that call for scarves, hot tea, and a cozy blanket. I welcome you alongside many others in an ancient tradition of sun salutations. Three sets of 6 -- plank, lunar, warrior 1. 

The first round of 18 was delightful. A warm up.
The second round of 18 poured sweat out of pores I didn't know existed.
The third round of 18 was a release. The focus and intensity of martial arts that I haven't felt in years. The familiar measured and careful movement of dance. The emotion of contentment. Only breath and movement.

I didn't make it 108 tonight, so 54 will have to do. We just didn't have enough time...maybe in March I will be up to the challenge.

Why 108 Sun Salutations?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

changing seasons, changing music

 It's about time for a music collection update. My recent trip to NC reminded me how much I love good country. The kind that isn't processed and run through the pop ringer. The kind of music that tells a good story, pulls your heart strings, and every instrument has a distinct voice. Some artists/groups I was already familiar with, and some were introduced over the course of three days in the quiet, back-country mountains of western North Carolina. A place I would like to one day call home.

Ryan Bingham - Hallelujah
First listen of his album Junky Star and I am hooked. 

Old Crow Medicine Show - Wagon Wheel
I heard this song forever ago, so it was not a new discovery, just a new addition to my library. Even though this song is clearly about NC, all I can think of is Colorado when I hear it.

Jason Isbell - Razor Town
How I never heard him before I have no clue. I will be doing my damnest to see him in Athens in October.

Steve Earle - This City
What a beautiful homage to New Orleans.

And so the variety of my music collection grows...more to come soon.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why I paid for ULHS

I dig ULHS. I dig it so hard. I dig the energy, the authenticity, the music (duh), and the organic nature of the entire event. Only having attended the last three, I might not exactly be the most qualified person to review the event, but as someone who has attended a great deal of events, and this one before it moved to Nola, I feel as though I might have a fairly solid perspective.

Disclaimers aside, I am here to explain why I paid for a full ticket - which seems to be one of the major points of discussion about the event. I was conversing with a close friend about attending and they were hesitant about buying the full pass. My bottom line was in regards to two major points - music, and the organizer.

ULHS brings it in terms of music. Hard. Which is not surprising since it is in New Orleans, the birthplace of some of the best damned Jazz music in the country. As someone who understands the bill behind booking live music I am all about supporting this trend in our scene.

Amy Johnson has heart. She is in it for the love of the event. She gets it. Three words. Happy. People. Dancing. She is willing to throw herself out on a limb to see that the dream is pulled off. The event has evolved and changed due to a new home, and she doesn't appear to be stifling it - rather encouraging the direction it is going. It seems to be more of a break-in event, a lot more organic, and 'rootsy'. Which is something that I dig so hard about it. I attended in 08 and it was awesome -- but '09 and '10 were simply ridiculous. I tell everyone I know to attend this event for those three words. You will be happy. You are going to meet new people. You are going to dance your feet off. (You are also going to find that your bedtime has nothing to do with day or night, cool kids ride bikes, and dancing in a 2ft x 2ft area is quite possible)

As an event organizer I really appreciate the insanity that goes into an event of this magnitude. I would never want to do it myself, but I really admire and want to support people that make it happen. 

So, with these two things in mind, I happily pay for a ticket to an event that is pushing the boundaries of being a structured dance weekend and a 4-5 day party that takes over the French Quarter. Thank you, Amy, and all the other people that work so hard to keep the spirit of ULHS alive. I can't wait to submit my request for two personal days and make my sub plans =)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Be here now

I want to wake up to whispering trees.
To mellow sunlight washing patterns of morning over the covers.
The reassuring chorus of crickets.
Plops of rain as they find their way through fresh foliage to the moist earth ...

...and the feeling of your arms as they wrap around me with a gentle, comfortable, sense of 'here'.