Sunday, November 27, 2011

2011: Year of Sophomore Albums that Don't Suck

Usually a sophomore album is forgettable...pale in comparison to the original release...shallow and overproduced...less of the artist and more of the company that snatched them up.
However, 2011 has proved me wrong three different times. And this is a time when I am perfectly happy being completely wrong. If you have more follow-up releases that you would like to make note of pleeeease share!!

1. Bon Iver - Bon Iver

Holy balls, Justin has a voice and a sound that better not go away anytime soon. I was so in love with For Emma, Forever Ago I had serious doubts about his self-titled album that came out right before I left for Roadtrip of Winning. The album quickly became my soundtrack and I can't hear any of the tracks without daydreaming of solitude and the open road.

2. Florence + the Machine - Ceremonials

Could this woman get any more fucking epic? I don't think so. Sweeping melodies, full choirs, diverse instrumentation, and lyrics that tug at the heart. I was braced for mediocrity, or a bunch of songs that just sound the same...and was met with exactly the opposite. She keeps her sound, and yet shows artistic growth at the same time. Beautiful.

3. Drake - Take Care

I have a soft spot for Drake. He could be just another pretty face on the pop charts. No, he isn't. He has hooks, a unique sound, and can spin a lyric that makes you want to hit repeat. Switching back and forth between rap and singing with a liquidity that makes me * swoon *.  I am digging his second album almost as much as his first. Can't wait to see where this kid goes...

Drake // Marvin's Room ( Official Video ) by AROBAISE