Sunday, June 14, 2009

Epic Road Trip 2K9: DC and it's Various Adventures

DC proved to be nearly as adventurous as I anticipated. Actually, I have decided to not anticipate much of anything this trip besides couch surfing and low budget food. It has made it much more enjoyable =)

So, to continue with where I left off...

The Whole Foods that takes up nearly a city block (conveniently located about four blocks from Andy's) had
the coolest thing I have every seen - Happy Hour from 5-7 Mon thru Fri. Now, for those of you who are soooo special and live in big cities, this might not be that amazing - but it was worthy of a note and picture for those of us in the unhealthy south with our measly little stores.

James stopped by on Wednesday around 4 and we headed downtown to see Artomatic, a month long exhibit held in different locations each year. Basically if you have a few bucks and some art you can put it up in this 9 story building. Visual, drama, music, sculpture. You name the medium, it was probably there. We explored about 4 stories of the exhibit, laughing histarically, running away as fast as we could, offering non-artist critique, and generally enjoying the art bends that it offered. My favorites? The Peeps (complete with Dexter peep), visual music, and the super hott mannequin. The ciomplete photo gallery is conveniently located on my fb account. After spending a good three hours and then navigating the Metro back to the hizzie on R st, James departed and I was left to my own devices for the rest of the evening. A jam was going on when I got home, so I ended up diving into my book (thanks Jo!) for the next couple hours while some great music was being made in the living room. Good times. The evening wrapped up with another trip to the Falafl hut.

Thursday involved a trip out to visit Megan on the Tree and Leaf Farm in Nowheresville VA. Not really, but it was a nice hour drive out into the rolling fields of Virginia farms. Note: toll roads kinda suck. I spent 10 bucks driving on about a 20 miles stretch. Boo. was great to get out of the city and knock a couple things off of her Christmas in July list. (I stopped by Whole Foods on the way out) I showed up during lunch and was served a huge salad and generous egg concotion that is only possible by Miss Adair herself. After being fed and cleaning up, we took a quick tour of the 8 acres. Lola has never off-roaded before, but after driving through mud and fields won't stop bragging. Megan rattled off so many veggie names I can't even begin to remember them all (plus I was busy missing the 2 foot deep potholes) but I appreciated the scale of organic food that was happily growing in the fields. Since the farm girl had to get back to work at 2pm, I took off for the city, spending more money on the toll road and reveling in the fact I once again avoided rush hour.

Side Adven
ture Story:
Andy is making his own Kombucha and we needed a giant glass jar. So we walked a lot on our epic search. I tried to not look completely lost as we crossed streets and he rapidly changed directions. Still not used to city foot travel. Anyway, we ended up buying a giant jar of pickles. I mean rediculously large jar of pickles. Bulk pickle jar. Giant freaking enormous jar that held a great deal of pickles. I think y
ou get the point. After filling three containers, eating three pickles apiece, a thorough scrubbing and a run through the dishwasher, we were good to go. Mission accomplished =)

For dinner I experienced another new food - Empanadas. Filled with pulled chicken, green olives, and potatoes it was a hit. Sticking with tradition we hit 80s night down in Adams Morgan, meeting up with James, Lily, Tanya and a couple other peoples. The bar was pretty dead, but we got some drinks and found a comfy couch to enjoy until our posse showed up. Once a couple drinks were down, and the dance floor started getting more feet on it I joined in the fun and danced all kind of rediculousness with glow sticks and strobe lights. The adventure didn't end until Andy and I finally got home around 3:30am after walking Beth home, riding the elevator to every floor, sucking helium out of massive balloons, reading the book of Zen thought, and discussing very deep things that I have zero recollection of. Tequila Sunrise is a new favorite.

Friday greeted us too early at 9am thanks to Andy's alarm that said he had to work regardless of the previous evenings fun. We walked down to Whole Foods for the magic of Kombucha to help get the weird not-hangover gone. I hit the hot bar for breakfast. Again.
I got on the road at about noon, giving a good bye hug, refusing another pickle, and waving to the new giant creepy Kombucha brew, and headed to York, Pa for my next stop.

DC? Check.

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