Tuesday, September 17, 2013

All of the Games. All of the Thrones.

Here is to having much more information than I realized, stored away in my brain from forgotten classes. Apparently I can put it to good use in a field that I have never been educated. Seriously, I never thought I would use my Lean training for college level healthcare curriculum review. Life, you are so weird.

Here is to playing like I hold a royal flush. Saying yes to everything. Going for it.

Yes, to yoga studio desk job of sweaty zen OCD awesomeness.

Yes, to STEM non-profit that is giving me a VEX robot to program, and handfuls of inner city high school students to teach about engineering.

Yes, to applying for the Executive Director position for Career and Technical Education in Fulton County.

Yes, to accepting my placement in the Peace Corps. After all, they don't want to deploy me until June 2014, and that is a looooong time from now.

Yes, to random curriculum review jobs that somehow utilize my knowledge base even though the two fields seem terribly unrelated.

Yes to getting out of summer vacation mode and into making a life for myself mode.

I will play all of the games. I want all of the thrones.

Also, the Imp is allllmost my favorite character. At least in the top 3.