Sunday, August 16, 2009

(In parenthesis) Ramblings in Brown Ink in Minneapolis

We desire outcomes. We are so much more at ease with a reliable answer to our questions. Yet the future is impossible to grasp for more than the split moment in time for which it occurs. Flying past at an uncontrollable speed, we experience our future while still wondering what will happen next.


This continual evaporation of life keeps us satisfied for as long as the few destinations we desire allow. Looking ahead only pains the present. And yet, we continue.


It makes me ponder. Refusing to acknowledge the reality of my inconsistent choices, unable to foresee the repeatable future, I commence a pattern in which I hold more weight in my selfish present than the malleable what is to come.


Escape. A familiar word, often used, often abused. Often found. More often lost. Time offers such beauty. And takes it away...

Epic Road Trip 2K9: Massachusetts

I dare say that after 6 weeks I will not remember much of what happened in Massachusetts. I left my laptop cable at my Grandparents and did not get it back until Denver - 3 weeks later. And now, 3 more weeks have passed since I could jot down my adventures and I am just now feeling inspired to write. So much has happened since then, and I cannot even fathom trying to write it all down.
I shall resort to my favorite form of reporting on an event that I deem memorable, and create a list of favorites.

~My grandparents house. It was built in the 1800s and is still as beautiful as ever. I cleaned for about three days after arriving - much to their amazement. I never knew cobwebs could be so prolific.

~Lydia, Jeremy, Grace, and Jacob. My sister's family is a riot. Loud, hilarious, loquacious, loving, and a little crazy they filled the house with their 2 and 4 year old enthusiasm for life. My niece is about the most adorable little girl imaginable and her little brother is all smiles all the time. I rarely get to see them, so it was a treat. check out how grandma is teaching Grace how to hang laundry. Yes, they have a clothes dryer. No, they don't use it.

~Megan came up for the visit. I kinda felt bad for her, but she jumped into the fray and tolerated our insanity of perfection and German frugality. It was nice to have another energy around for company and change of pace.

~David and Konnie's wedding reception party was off the chain. Held in their back yard there was a live band, drinks, fresh grilled food, horseshoes and the pool. It was the first time the entire Mechlin family has been together in years - so we took the traditional girls only and then guys only photos.

~I had a great time hanging out with my friend Byler. He was house sitting this enormous house that was home to at least 40 pets. No joke. A dog, 6 birds, countless gerbils (it looked like a pet store in that room, I am guessing about 20) 3 bearded dragons, a chinchilla, at least 8 guinea pigs, three snakes, two turtles, three ferrets (which are awesome to play with) and three cats. Apparently they had two other dogs that were being taken care of elsewhere. Sweet jesus it was crazy. But, we had a fun time going to the Horseshoe pub, drinking exotic beers, chilling in the pool, and watching True Bood til the sun came up. Literally. He is a friend that dates back about ten years...and the only other person I know in the area that is my age and isn't related to me.

~I spent a lot of time reading and talking to my Grandparents. They do the crossword every night, so I sit on the couch with my book and pretend to actually help. I am not a words/literature person at all - doubled with the fact I am not an auditory learner. It is a rough experience but I enjoy the 'family time'. Just don't get me to play
UpWords. Dear god I hate that game.

That about sums up the list of fun times in Bolton. It was just really nice to spend time with my family. I got a lot of rest, did a lot of busy work for my grandparents, read three books, and discovered the joy of Cherry Chocolate Trader Joe's Soy Ice Cream. I didn't think life could taste that good.

Carl was dropped off on Sunday night by his parents (who were nice to meet, as brief as it was) and then we took off on Monday morning for Denver and the open road.