Tuesday, April 29, 2014

...who you used to be.

Seriously needed to read this today.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Content Doesn't Mean Complacent

I am fairly convinced that the more content you are, the easier it is to change.

Before, it felt like running. Before, it was a desperate scramble to escape from perceived flaw.

Now, it is a move towards the next chapter. Now, it is living every day authentically with purpose and direction.

The romance of living in the city, walking and riding my bike to work has been fulfilled. Working at a 'real' job instead of in education has been realized. It is all part of the process. Life likes to fool us into thinking that there is an ultimate goal. Nope.

There are very few elements and people that will pull on my heartstrings as I say goodbye. The city is comfortable, at most. A number of personalities will always be in my life, regardless of my zip code, but I can list them on two hands. Which is healthy, I suppose.

No, it is time to move on. Last year would have been forced and frantic. This year it is right.

Hello, New Job, New State, New Life. I always loved living amidst cornfields. Time for some big sky county and refocusing - everything.

Now to enjoy some vacationing travels before the real travels begin. *swoon*