Sunday, March 24, 2013

Different and the Same

It is so fun when I hear, almost word for word, the exact same message in different scenarios / parts / aspects of my life.

Last weekend I was in a class where were were told to not just rely on what we can do easily, but acknowledge the gaps in our dancing and focus on those parts; to see where we are weak and challenge ourselves to grow.

Tonight, in yoga, Todd told the class to not rely on the easy parts of a pose, but to challenge ourselves to really reach the full expression. That the places we are the weakest are the places we have the most room for growth.


Not an unfamiliar or new concept. It is not like I haven't heard this before or am totally amazeballs over this truth. Just a little reflection and bookmark on when this concept placed itself very loudly in my path this year. There are areas in my life that I rely on as my strengths, and there are weakness that I like to ignore. Maybe it is time to challenge those areas and work towards some new growth.

In the meantime, as I figure out what the hell that means, here is a pretty song:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I have never been big on celebrity crushes. They are stupid and pointless.

However, I think I could have Justin Timberlake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Every day of the week.

I make a good point, right?