Friday, April 23, 2010

Habits, Lifestyle, Changes

Great blog today on Illuminated Mind. I am constantly trying to outwit my habits in order to grow and change as a person. Being stagnate in work, dance, emotional well-being, and relationships drives me absolutely nuts. Now, don't get me wrong, the feeling of contentment is not be confused with stagnant. If I am never satisfied then I am simply wasting my time and not enjoying where I am or what I am doing. But, to settle is not an option.
Like cleaning out a closet, I enjoy the reflection and questioning of habits and beliefs that make up my person. Some I keep, some I ponder on, and some I make the decision to change (or throw out).

"Nothing is set in stone. Everything is open." One of my friends posted that as her status. Deep. Obvious. Very true. That is what I love about life. I could be at this school for another 5 or 20 years. I might take a job in Nebraska, or Philly, or Chicago, or Seattle next year. Who knows? I have options and I love that. In fact, a lack of options or freedom makes me nervous.

Anyway, I will stop rambling. The views in the blog are not ones in which I fully agree, but are definitely worth noting and digesting.

Seven Weird Habits that Will Change Your Life

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lefty Views and an Article of Great Interest

Upon reading this and other opinions/articles that so aptly point out the craziness that is our right winged media, it makes me recall a certain era in Britain's history where church and state were not separate. A king ruled and God spoke through the King. Whatever he said was The word of God. A coincidence with Glenn Beck saying that God is telling him "The Plan"? Hmmmm... Let's just say that we all know from our history books that there was no middle class with a ruling system like that, and there was no leadership - only fear.

Now I am not a 'socialist' or a 'communist', but I do believe that when people are working together to support each other, and have compassion in a community sense, that a thriving society can be created. I read an article in the Worcester, MA Telegram about a group of High School students that studied cultures in Kenya that had incredibly low crime rates. There was a high percentage of compassion taught in the home and schools, and there was a sense of sharing responsibility among the members. Unfortunately I cannot find the article (darn!), but it stuck out in my memory as a lesson to our current attitude of entitlement. Now, I am all for working hard to earn your way, and everyone should have equal opportunity - but when it goes unbridled and unchecked a severe imbalance can occur - like we see today with banks that are too big to fail.

So, with my first blatant political views out in the open air I will let you read the article.

Huffington Post: Glenn Beck: the Televangelist Con Man Selling God's Plan for America

Monday, April 19, 2010


Can you hear that? It is the sound of silence. Of 2400 middle school students reading and filling in tiny bubbles to determine their level of learning for the 09-10 school year. Thank you board of Education for boiling it down to one week of pencil, paper, and hundreds of multiple choice questions. I am eternally grateful for my career as a non-academic teacher.

One year later I am sitting in the same seat, feeling a little bit the same and a whole lot different. It is CRCT week - which is Georgia's state-wide standardized test for children enrolled in the public school system. What this means is that for about 3 hours they sit in complete silence and read questions and fill in little bubbles. what it means for me is that I get to sit for those three hours on a bench and proctor the classes in case a teacher needs to be relieved or a student needs to go to the bathroom. Wooooo.... At least I get internet access and am able to complete a great deal of thinking and work. And lose almost all feeling in my behind. Ouch.

This time last year I was doing the master cleanse. I distinctly recall making my little drinks and having at least 3 beside me along with enough water to drown a hippo. Which is nearly impossible. Anyway, it was a very interesting experience and thinking back I realize how much has changed about my attitude at work and about my self in one year. Basically, since then, I have become extremely aware of what goes into my body in relation to what I want to come out. No, not in that gross way - but rather the energy levels that I am able to maintain, the lack of 'puffy face' syndrome, and the lack of sick days taken this year. (which btw, is ZERO) I feel so much healthier, am able to maintain a consistent weight, and don't wake up feeling like the walking dead. It is a nice change. No coffee, very very little dairy, almost no bread/pastries/biscuits baked things, and the addition of even more simple raw foods. Another change is my appreciation of my foods. I used to hate cooking or eating but now it is a joy to go shopping and prepare my meals. It is nice to take the time and create meals full of color and food groups that give me energy - not sap it. I digress.


Work? Yes, that is coming along nicely. Finishing out my second year with a greater feeling of accomplishment. I have participated in more school/community activities, ran a Robotics Club, gotten more kids to sign up for Engineering electives in high school, and overall been on top of grades, discipline, and lesson plans more than ever.


Rough outline of plans/goals for the rest of Spring and Summer...

That Rhythm Thing April 30- invited to the masters class. Also taking a private with Peter. Taking along a couple of leads that need to get some serious national level instruction. I love it when 'new' dancers take the initiative to further their education outside of the local scene =)

Nashville: June 4-9th - teaching local classes, and working on shtuff with Reuel.

St. Louis: June 10-15th - Terrace and I will take a trip to see the family out west.

Late June? Hang out in Atlanta unless something else comes up. Save my moolah and buy some tickets...Maybe hit a Braves game or two.

July = One way tickets and a small suitcase.
Boston, MA - Visit the New England Family
Austin, TX - Brooks and Jo!
Boulder/Denver, CO - Michelle! Andrew! Dancing!
Seattle, WA - Just because I want to and have never been before. Oh, and I was invited =)

August = Southern Belle - taking classes!!
Sept = Artist in Residence - Falty
Oct = Atlanta Varsity Showdown - teaching and performing
Knoxville Lindy Exchange
Teaching at Snap! Crackle! Pop in Memphis w/ Sosh
Nov = ??
Dec = Lindy Focus Time!!!

So yeah, that about sums it up.