Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why not?

Music share time...

1) Stateless: Bloodstream

I have never seen Vampire Diaries, nor do I any desire to, but this song just happens to have been used for the show, hence the youtube video backdrop image. No real reason for posting. It just came up on my Pandora station and it stuck in my head. Beautiful, flowing, and introspective, this song makes me just want to write in my journal or practice yoga.

2)Pretty Lights: Finally Moving

A friend posted about liking this group so I had to check them out. Very chill and jam style music with a hint of groove. I am totally down. If I were still in college I would probably put them on to finish a research paper. Will be adding this to my Pandora stations shortly.

3) Ray LaMontagne: God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise

I was counting the days until his new album, and once again Ray has not let me down. The latest installment is a bit more melancholy, almost every song is about a breakup, moving on, or lost love, so if you are not in that mood this might not be your favorite album of his. However, the title track grabbed me from the first note. He sings about the beautiful Carolina mountains and his girl back home. What is there not to like about that? Again, this is a slower, more introspective album with a distinctly old country twang, but Ray does not veer too far from his slightly 'weird indie americana' sound that makes him so accessible. Love it.

4) MGMT - Electric Feel

Michelle put this as the first track on her latest mixed cd, and it is still one of my favorites off of her random compilation of awesome. Vinnie played it in the car when I was there, not knowing my affinity or connection to the song, and from then on it is my direct soundline to Boulder. Enough said.

5) Greg Laswell: And Then You

I have no idea how I do not have this album. Paycheck this week = purchase asap. What a beautiful melody and underlying rhythm. The lyrics speak to me as well, but my initial attraction to the song is the piano. I dislike that some of my favorite artists are associated with tv shows that I have never even seen. But, seriously, worth a listen. His other albums are equally excellent.


The past few weeks have been an exploration in the question of "Why not?". Some people might say, "Because I can." - which is a perfectly good reason. But, in my growing realization that I really can do whatever the hell I want, I am riding a sine wave of emotions.

It started with driving to ILHC last weekend on the encouragement of multiple friends and 4 shots of espresso. It was a great answer to my question and I regret...nothing about it. I stayed with two different hosts who were so gracious as to spare some space and a shower, and hung out with new and old friends. Although I missed the Friday main dance and comps, I caught the live jam band and hallway dancing. Win. Instant shenanigans started with Jo and we didn't stop all weekend. Pretty sure we were either planning fun, having fun, or recounting fun for 2 days straight. Just wait until Lindy Focus...just wait. The Glitter Ninja Sparkle Team will strike!!!
Although I didn't compete or attend any classes (which was a huge boo) I still basked in the enjoyment of all the kick-assery that was presented in each division. Everyone brought their A game and it was inspiring to see.
Andrew and I were able to cram in a couple hours of practice despite our sleep deprived, hungover state of being. I am really pumped to just run through the choreo until we can do it in our sleep. Fingers crossed we can catch up in October as planned.
The best quote ever "F*ck that shit. I brought mah rain boots" is part of a longer story that will have to wait until I see you in person. But just for the record, I still have my job ;)

Friday night was an impulsive decision of going to MJQ to enjoy the best hip hop dance night in the A. Again, I regret...nothing about it. I was surrounded by people, and didn't have to connect to anyone or anything besides the music. I found some cool people to dance with, had a couple drinks, and then found my way home when it was starting to thin out around 2:30. There is nothing like getting lost in the crowd of energy and excellent music. No judgment, so social status, just the rhythms and your body moving. Soul, 70s, 80s, 90s, reggae, current rap, east coast, west coast, chicago, dirty south - they play everything. Everyone is so happy at that club, it makes me want to go back with my best of friends.

The ability to ask myself "Why not?" stems from so much more than the newfound freedom of not being in a relationship. It comes from a past of control, expectations, and overcoming the belief that my desires and opinions did not matter. It isn't about rebellion or flipping the world off. It is a genuine look at myself and asking, "Why don't you do what truly makes you happy? Why hold back? Why worry about other people? Why not?"

It is an amazing feeling. Take it. Leave it. Judge it. Use it. I don't care. It is just the place I am in right now. Sometimes it slips away...but I am going to keep asking myself this question until I can really experience life to my fullest extent.