Wednesday, August 29, 2012

9:30 Fridays


striped shirts, unbuttoned collars

faded wood with shiny knobs and taped up edges. 
tapping white reeboks and brown leather boots. 

long bow sliding
fingertips plucking

neatly trimmed brunette locks
alongside a faded black baseball hat

quick fingers pin down notes and
a melody flows from the coffee bean air

song rises above the murmuring of 
                                     loud book readers

guitar compliments mandolin and violin leads
the beat strides on, catching your mind, soothing your soul...

this is music therapy 

Brightly Blurred Self


thick smoldering
colors of confusion

blurring lines of magenta, ocean blue
and powder green.

splashes of sand and mango
hints of steamed milk.

my fingers smudge and create
brushstroke upon brushstroke.

the mind becomes reality
splayed across the canvas of my strained soul. colors
envelop each other as
exotic hues reflect mixed emotions.

gasping for air I gaze
onto the expression of inner self.

unnoticed tears mix with the shades of passion

clear drops of raw grief
                    into the colors of me

The Storm


flashes of brilliance
streak across the afternoon sky
cracking the heavens open
white lacy fingers

dark and moody

the distinctly fuzzy clouds
frame the display of energy

deep cracks of thunder
reach your very core
making lungs battle
for the evasive breath

trees succumb
to the persuasive touch of sharp

you feel it coming
the arrival
of crystal
of rain

falling from a sky of
blistering power.