Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Adventures 2010

So a slightly more clarified and updated calendar of when and where I will be during July.
Some of the later dates are a bit less firm, so I am open to suggestions.

July 1 - 6: Austin (Brooks and Jo!)

July 6 - 9: Las Vegas (for the loose slots, of course)

July 9 - 15: Seattle (why not??)

July 15 - 22: Boulder/Denver (Shizzle!! Rizzle!! Hippies!! Mountains!! Dancing!!)

After that I have no clue. I was planning on going to NOLA, but I am not so sure anymore. St. Louis is looking like a big question mark as well. Hell, maybe I will just come back to Atlanta. Or head to the Boston area. We will see...

As for now? I love my new condo. I feel so grateful for the space and amenities. Great location and although the whole 'mail and parking pass' fiasco was a bit stressful with my traveling they are all taken care of.

Growth so far? Hmmm...well, I am challenging myself within my teaching. I feel as though my experience in the class room has lent itself to being able to break down dance concepts into more manageable parts to better translate a complex concept. The few lessons I have been able to observe have taught me a lot. While in class more often than paying attention to the concept I am watching how the teachers teach it. Backwards I suppose, but the ability to teach anything is highly under appreciated. Sure, anyone can get up and say "one two, three and four..." but to actually have a group of people be able to assimilate the knowledge takes patience, a variety of methods, repetition, and the ability to tap into the students level of learning. I actually get serious stage fright while in the center of a circle of students...but with careful planning and an intense focus on the students it slowly subsides. My goal is to be able to plan coherent classes with concepts that align and build upon each other, culminating in movement/move that is applicable in a social situation. I like to think of it as 'layering'. Like a cake =)

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