Thursday, July 8, 2010


  • This is an old journal entry written on my flight home from Massachusetts. It is a reflection on gratefulness, and an interesting conversation I had with my Aunt.

    When you want to grumble about the woes of your finely picked life, the carefully sorted minutes that make you so safe and comfortable, realize that someone, somewhere is praying for rain.
    The elegant vanilla sky viewed from above does not speak of the disastrous storm below. Instead, an unexpected range of delicately spun water droplets. So easily sliced through. So dangerous to mere mortals beneath their cover. Effortless beauty.
    As with most things such as flavor or sock height, life boils down to perspective - or preference. Your reality of normal is just that, yours. Granted, it has probably been uneloquently placed upon your psyche with such a vengeance that you realize nothing else as acceptable.
    There is freedom in change. Freedom in finding a new viewpoint. So why do we stay in our comfortable little shells of reality? Exactly. It is comfortable, and we are creatures of comfort. We dare not to stop coloring our hair for fear of the discomfort it will cause those around us, and how that will reflect upon ourselves. How selfish. I suppose so. In other ways it keeps us connected. Emotionally dependent as a society. By caring about them we care about ourselves. So are we truly caring about others for the sake of them? No, it is a selfish care in which we seek the reflection of anthers friendship to fortify our ego.

    Not that coloring ones hair is the downfall of mankind. Rather, a manifestation of our endless vanity; the conflict of our self-seeking nature and communal dependency.

    So, create your own reality. Be in your world. Be a part of it. Serve your fellow humankind. Do not be enslaved by such petty realities. Be yourself in all your amazing and unbelievably honest unique self.

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