Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Explore. New. Music.

More music. Some is brand new to me (today), some is new in the past month, some is old music that has been revived in my playlists. Let's do this!

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis
Song: Vipassana
~I dig the simplicity of this unique blend of indie-hip hop. I am not an avid listener by any means - I found them on NPR, but I think I am going to dig further to see if I like more of their stuff. Like the article says, "It works".

The Head and the Heart
Song: Lost in my Mind
~Classic singer/songwriter sound. Catchy, mellow, and easy to get lost in. Summer road trip with the windows down kind of music.

Kanye West
Song: Lost in the World
~ Sampling Bon Iver's "Woods", West makes a huge leap between the indie genre and hip hop. His entire album is brilliant, but this song makes me the happiest due to the sample. I really like where hip hop is going right now in terms of blending sounds and embracing other instruments. Choral and symphonic sounds are really popular right now. Some of the combination's just give me the chills. Oh, and don't get me started on the dialogue at the end. Seriously, give it a listen.

Song: Japan
~I have been getting into a little DubStep thanks to a certain friend from Holland. I am not much of an industrial music fan, but this genre catches my ear every few tracks. This one in particular has a beautiful melody on top of soul grinding bass. Love. It.

Song: The Man
~ Again, a unique cross-over of genres. You take your pick of what they are though. I just like the line "All my muffins!!"

Song: That's what I say, It's not what I mean
~ I acquired some not-so-popular Feist albums awhile back and just recently started to listen to them. This song is so freaking dead on. Classic emo female indie tune. Slow and mildly depressing.

Song: Smile
~ Portishead meets Massive Attack. Epic swells, female vocals, and lyrics to tear at your heart strings. A reminder that sometimes if you just keep smiling and saying the right thing eventually you will feel ok again.



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