Monday, January 17, 2011

til the end of time

I am constantly looking for new music - and have a reputation of being a source of new music suggestions. However, if no new music came along, and someone told me I had to pick just a few albums to spend the rest of my life with they would be...

6) Imogen Heap - Ellipse
Unlike most artists, Imogen's sophomore album is a win in my book. Even more unique mixes of captured sounds, lyrical beauty, and
a nice ebb and flow in tempos. It isn't as melacholy as her first album, so in a sense it serves more emotional variety.

5) Sade - Soldier of Love
I know that this is a really recent album, but Sade has stepped up her game in her latest release. Full of the chill that I love, but with more depth and texture. The lyrics hit home, the instrumentation is diverse, and it is effortless to imbibe her rhythms.

4) Sigur Ros - Takk
When I hit play everything else disappears. The flow of the songs are in perfect order to practice yoga, enjoy a book, or simply cloud watch. Introspection is the muse of this album.

3) D'Angelo - Voodoo
Everyone needs a good 'get down' album. This spans the years for me regardless of how much I love Robin Thicke, or Marvin Gaye. I don't listen to it quite as much as before, but if I am not quite sure how to get in the groove I hit play on "The Line" and it all syncs up.

2) Ray Lamontagne - Trouble
Enter my love of folk music. Subtle lyrics with simple melodies, Ray captures the tender heartaches that with which we are all too familiar. I discovered this album while living in the Blue Ridge mountains of NC. When this album hits my ears all I can see are winding roads , falling leaves, and sweeping mountain views.

1) Radiohead - In Rainbows
This album is it for me. End all. Push play. Repeat. I don't care what mood, location, or mode of operation I exist in, I can listen to this album in it's entirety and be completely satisfied. I have had Radiohead on my list of favorites for many years, but when In Rainbows entered my collection I have to say they are now Number 1.

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