Saturday, January 29, 2011

Push Play. Repeat All.

Time for music that is new to me...and maybe you. One of the benefits of meeting a person from another country is the diversity of music they have to offer. In addition to living across the pond, person from said place also worked at a music store. Result? Lindsay learning about artists that span all reasonable and unreasonable genres. I am still discovering my new additions.

Artist: Rusko
Album: O.M.G!
Favorite tracks: Woo Boost, Rubadub Shakedown, and Got Da Groove

As I venture into the realm of dubstep I find that I am not a fan of most DJs. Rusko breaks the mold with amazing melodies, guest artists, and diversity of sound. The bass lines are addictive, and the wub wub wub of the dub is not so overwhelming that you get bored.

Woo Boost:

Rubadub Shakedown:

Artist: William Fitzsimmons
Album: The Sparrow and the Crow
Favorite Tracks: You Still Hurt Me, Just Not Each Other, Find Me To Forgive

If you dig on Iron and Wine you will love this artist. Simple melodies, bare instruments, and delicate harmonies create an easy listen with a heavy message. Most of his songs are lyrically heart-wrenching while sounding deceivingly light and sweet. I keep looking for a track full of hope, but I think his message stays the same throughout the three albums I have heard - a hurt soul. While I am not quite in this state of mind right now, I still appreciate his honesty in both sound and word.

You Still Hurt Me:

Just Not Each Other:

Artist: OneRepublic
Album: Waking Up
Favorite Tracks: Good Life, Secrets, All the Right Moves

Talk about a surprise of an album. I am not usually all about pop rock, or radio played tunes, but this band has me hooked. 'Secrets' is on regular rotation, and I dig it, but as usual the tracks not on the airwaves are what caught my ear and kept me listening. The entire album has a nice flow, upbeat sound, and a nice mix of tracks that speak to all kinds of mood. I will let the songs speak for themselves.

Good Life:


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