Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Road Trip of Winning: NOLA and New Music

Being in NOLA brought a lot of joy back to my dancing. Just showing up, grabbing a beer, and letting it all soak in. The locals could not have been friendlier -- I was welcomed into their scene right away. It was southern hospitality at its best. The element that pulled us all together was definitely the music. Toe-tapping rhythms that just didn't let you sit still.

At the going away party (for two people I met at the party) there was a live band. Luke Winslow-King. A name I had heard before, but not experienced. So good. Check out his stuff here: Then, go buy his album like I did =)

While the entire album is full of gems my two favorite songs hit home for music and lyrical reasons. The first I can't find a video of, so here are the lyrics. Just replace 'she' with 'he' and it is spot on. I realized it took me about a year of being single, and 6 months of really being alone for it to be true. But is.

~Lost Soul~

woke up this morning,
found i was no longer sad
it's only a memory of what's been hurtin' so bad
i'm walking down the street
and i do not dispaire
i'm singin' i'm smilin' not havin' a care
i'd have me locked up like i was in the county jail
what had me beat down
like a storm of hail
i couldn't see for nothin'
all darkness, all night
now it's high noon
not a shadow in sight

she's a lost soul
it don't matter anymore
she's so far behind the axious days of yore
she's lost to me, but it don't matter
_______ i've got to soar.

in this wide world there' open roads ahead
no time for mournin', heavy hearts of lead,
look over yonder see the wonderous trees
so much beauty in the open seas
she's a lost soul,
just a memory

i'm so far beyond
she's got no hold on me
don't keep rememberin;
don't even try
you found ____ she was just a lie
she's a lost soul
it don't matter anymore
Shes far behind the achient days of yore
she's a lost cause but i dont' care
i'm a ____ without a burden to bear in this world

My other favorite caught my eye because of the title, but upon listening I like it more and more:
Dragon Fly, Dragon Flower Video

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