Friday, July 1, 2011

Road Trip of Winning: Video Blogs

This road trip has a few unique elements that makes it a bit more...special. One being that a small, yellow friend is accompanying me. Cookies and all. You see, we have a duck in our family, so to speak. She arrived when I was about 14, and has in some strange way become a personality in my circle of family and friends. I don't know how else to explain her, when you give me that weird look except by asking, "Well, have you ever watched Sesame Street or the Muppets? People interacting with personified objects/characters is not the weirdest thing you have ever heard of, right?"

She is a knock-off beanie baby, has been all over the country via car and plane, traveled to France, eats a solid diet of cookies, loves to sing and dance (with dreams of being famous), knows Duck Wong Foo, is exceptionally mischievous, and has a side kick named Kitchen Mouse. She has the very original name of C.D. Quacker Duck, but just goes by Duck for simplicity's sake.
With the arrival of my new MacBook and it's built-in camera I got the crazy idea to make videos of duck. So I made a fun birthday dance video for a friend...and now I can't stop. It started with a 'getting ready to leave Atlanta' video, and now I am determined to make a few more of her in each respective city. We will see how and where this goes...

These videos are not about the quality/editing of the video. I could give two craps about that. I am not a video producer, nor do I aspire to be. It is about capturing the Personality and Adventures of Duck. As her Main Voice, it is interesting to observe how I have really created this alternate personality. Did I ever mention I want to be a Muppeteer....?
Ok, enough explaining the fact I am a total dork. Here is the first video.

Duck Packs for the Road Trip of Winning:

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