Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a cool wind

Some days are like breathing your first breath. Or walking through a dream. Your mind taking you to memories not forgotten, or places yet visited.

Adoration is highly overrated.
Becoming attached is easy. Being comfortable is not.

I have finally aged to the realization of slower growing fondness. Flash in the pan makes for an excellent story and a flood of overwhelming addictive "feel good". But, momentary satisfaction only brings deeper voids of self-doubt, and heightened reluctance to ever share again. The question of "is this it?" crops up in thickening patches behind the closed doors of hearts.

A cool wind. Darkening clouds bring refreshment.
I am ready for a refreshing sense of accomplishment.
A familiar non-place.
But life is constantly changing, moving; evolving into a beautiful edeavor of discovery.
What an acceptace.

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