Friday, July 4, 2008

New music, old travels

I thoroughly heart Pandora radio. My current obsession is with my Kaki King station. If you don't know who she is . . . well, let's just leave that up to you to figure out. While I revel in the discovery of obscure artists who have slipped through the cracks of pop culture, I have very high standards. Sometimes it is lyrics, sometimes it is groovability, sometimes it is just an emotional depth that is found within the notes. Either way, I have vast appreciation for nearly all genres of music - barring heavy metal, pop country, and most musicals.
Current discovery that makes me all fuzzy inside: Brad Barr

I am off to Massachusetts for the bi-annual gathering of Mechlins. Four generations crowd into my grandparents 112 year-old house in the tiny town of Bolton, MA. Not that we have many cousins or relatives willing to make the trip, but it always seems like there are too many people in the house at once. And that is why they have a big backyard =) My niece and nephew will be there, along with the NY relatives that rarely show. Yes, it will be a grand vacation of stressful meals, gardening, and playing with Grace and Jacob. Oh yes, and watching golf with my grandfather - his favorite past time next to reading.

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Breanna said...

Crap. Now I have to add you to the list of like 137 blogs I read on a regular basis.