Thursday, July 3, 2008

the why the how and the when

So, I have had a few questions thrown my way since my graduation. I thought I would just answer them en mass.

1. Do you have a job?
This is a tricky one. In some ways and some ways I don't. I am working on honing my home renovation skills as a project manager flipping Sosh and Lisa's new condo. Everything from tiling, laying new floor, refinishing floors, painting, to installing a new kitchen faucet are on my summer agenda. So, I am making a small income over the summer to hold me over until I get my 'real' job in the fall.

2. When are you going to get a job?
I went for my first job interview on Tuesday. It was at a middle school in Snellville Ga for the position of Technology Education Teacher. I really liked the principal and the programs they offer. I am pumped about it in general. I should hear in a couple weeks whether or not I am hired. Good feelings.

3. Are you still going to the peace corps?
As of right now, no. Initially I was told that if I submitted my application I could leave this summer or fall - but that was all lies and really they pushed it back until January. Basically that meant that I would have to find a part time crap job to scrap by until I got sent out. Plus they don't pay on any of my school loans or other financial obligations. So, the timing just isn't right. I am definitely holding it in the back of my mind for the future - but am not pursuing it right now. I am exceedingly happy in Atlanta with the people and dancing. I am ready to get a job to pay my bills, pay off my loans, and further my career goals.

4. Are you in a relationship?
No =)

That about wraps it up I think.
Atlanta rocks. My friends rock. Dancing rocks. And while I am always stressed out about one thing or another, overall I satisfied.

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