Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 10: Zen

I once a month...might check my horoscope. I kid you not, this is what it said today:

Today people will look at you with amazement, and then give you a round of applause.

No kidding, right? Day 10 was harder than I thought it would be. I was supposed to be adjusted to this diet of lemonade and tea, and not really be very hungry or tired. But, I found that instead I was just 'used' to it, but not really very satisfied. All I could think about was a chicken biscuit. I was however, full most of the day, and was able to maintain my energy at a functioning level. Which is not as good as day 4 or 5, but is still commendable for someone who hasn't eaten a meal in 10 days.

I had to work late, 8:30, which meant I was at work for 12 hrs straight. Good times. I rushed home in the brilliant lightshow of three thunderstorms and set to work in the kitchen, chopping and dicing for my soup. It created some of the best smells I have ever encountered in my concious life. T helped me out by offering moral support and stirring. He even bought me a gift card to Whole Foods for my first meal on Sunday. We are going to hit the salad bar =)

Overall, I feel better from the cleanse. I have a renewed perspective on food, nutrition, energy, and my body. I am ready to appreciate the calories I intake, and would like to be more balanced about my choices. I am going to try to not go long time periods without eating - followed by a large meal that was not even prepared or thought out. While I am still doubtful about the benefits of consuming so few calories per has panned out well in the end. I am taking some serious pro-biotics to replenish my digestive system with the little bugs that it needs.
I won't be blogging so 'religiously' when this is all over, but I will be posting a few updates as I move back to solid food.

Yes, I have reached Zen.
Ten days of learning how to love my body and food.
Looking at now and then.
It feels good.

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Eva! said...

Reaching Zen--nice moment. Your own little reset button!