Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 7: Determined

The desire to bite into a big fat cheeseburger is getting stronger as the week goes on...

Nothing extraordinary to talk about for day 7. My energy level was mediocre - I should have packed more lemonades for work. I couldn't leave fast enough to get home and get more nutrition. I had some ups and downs...but overall I can judge how much I will need to drink in a certain amount of time in order to stay human. I have noticed the biggest change is my ditziness...I just can't keep a straight thought to come out of my mouth - or do much of anything in the right order. I will think that I need to turn off the projector and then go turn on the light. Gah...I am sure the kids notice that I am not on top of my game. That in itself is frustrating. I am just praying that I don't pass out anywhere.

As long as I keep myself fueled I really don't have hunger pangs anymore. Sosh cooks a hell of a meal nearly every night, and the house is filled with some seriously tastey smells, but I am almost completely fine. The only thing I miss is chewing. That, and the whole amino acids thing. yeah...eating something with protein and some serious aminos is going to be like heaven. Can't wait to make the soup =)

I tested my physical endurance once more by teaching a lesson with Sosh and then hitting the HotJam dance. It was kinda weird at first...but then I got enough juice in me and was good to go. Kinda like when I was on the treadmill I felt like I could dance forever. T and I kicked it up a notch to a fast song and it was almost effortless. My swivels were right there over and over....and I never lost steam. What an incredible feeling.

My night ended with the usual cup of tea and Yogi wisdom. They always make me smile because sometimes they are so damn cheerful and peaceful when all I want to do is...not drink the tea. Oh the irony...

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