Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Although I don't think I did a very good job of celebrating earth day today I still kept the spirit alive with a few things...

-printed progress reports on half sheets
-wore my organic, bamboo fiber, hippie tee shirt
-gave a quiz on an overhead instead of copied paper
-used my reuseable water bottle all day
-drank my delightful, tasty, lemonade out of reused glass bottles (kombucha rules)
-didn't throw away any trash due to the fact I am not actually eating
-recycled all paper (per usual)

It also made me stop and reflect on what I was doing on this day last year...and if I have ever really given it much thought. Then I remembered. I picked up cigarette butts around the outside of the tech building for about 2 hours. It was highly rewarding. I grabbed some rubber gloves and ended up filling up half of a paper grocery bag with all the butts/trash that I found. The best part was that JoeSmith helped me out when he saw me toiling in the sun.

Anyway...just some random thoughts. Happy Earth Day. See what you can do to reduce how much useless crap is consumed in your daily life =)

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