Monday, June 6, 2011

No such thing as usual

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~ New Day ~


As small as it may seem you can tell if someone values 'you' by their attention to the spelling of your name.

"So what are your plans this summer?"
"Not make any lists. Avoid a lot of time commitments. Learn how to be a little messy. Dance."

Work on fixing all the things that made your last relationship fall apart -- with your friends. If you can be all those things to people that you are not madly in love with, when the time comes for you to share your life with 'that person' it will be easy. Respect. Compromise. Honesty. Communication. Support. Listen.

In our brokenness, we are unlimited. And that means we are amazing.

Actual Blog Entry:

Today I am upholding my summer routine of holding down a chair and table at a nearby coffee shop. It has taken me about three hours to muster the courage and clarity of mind to be able to write a cover letter. Courage, because it is for a job that I really don't think I will even be considered for, time, because I totally blanked how to write one of these and I am a terrible writer. So many thoughts just spill out into unprofessional rambling. Gah.

The more I am in the classroom the more I consider the fact that I might want to do something different. Yes, I love being a teacher -- or more specifically -- a leader. In reflection I have a history of being promoted by recommendation. Even when I worked at Papa John's I was asked to be a shift manager, in college I was pushed to Photo Editor, in grad school I was hired on as adjunct faculty. I am so young and so inexperienced in the organization that I am applying for, but it is in my field (Tech Ed), and when I read the duties and responsibilities that this person much have it is such a no-brainer. Challenging? Yes. Time-consuming? Yes. Extremely professional? Yes. Frightening? A little.

I could just keep it safe. Stay at Snellville and keep on teaching my familiar lessons. I could push for a high school job (which I really want). Or I could start to stretch a bit further. Like in yoga class I ask myself, "why?". Am I trying to prove something, or do I really need to go a bit further? Hmmm...more self-reflection is needed. I think it is a little bit of both.

And so I start this summer with nothing as usual. Not sure where I will be in the fall, but I have a back-up plan because those things are very important in this economy. What is usual is my summer plans - LEAVE ATLANTA!!!

I am going to Mississippi first to see a good friend for a weekend. Then, down to NOLA for my own version of dance camp. One part immersion, one part classes, one part music, one part vacation I am ready to just show up and take it all in. After I sweat it up in the Big Easy I am heading over to Austin to work with Andrew. We have some really exciting things going on in our partnership and we have a lot to work on. While in Austin I am going to try to get a better feel for the scene, people, and city. My last big stop will be Boulder to see my Shizzle. While a little dancing might go on, this stop is to recharge and rejuvenate. Big skies, fresh air, and clear water. On my way back I will probably stop in St. Louis for an overnight or two and then Nashville. Rough dates? June 17th - July 17th. Let me know if you live in (near) any of these places and want to catch up.

So, bring it on. I have so much more to lose this time around, and so much more to gain.

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