Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rex and Wingy

It occurred to me that I would not have a laptop once summer rolled around. My plan is to find a new job and that meant my trusty IBM Thinkpad would have to be left at Snellville. So, with a bit of advice from an exceptionally informed (nerdy) friend I went ahead and purchased a refurbished MacBook Pro. It was like Christmas and my Birthday all rolled into one when she showed up. There was a great deal of jumping around and then sitting around as everything was transferred and updated. The point of this story is that now I have enough room for allllll my music on my new shiny Vento - all of which I was not familiar with. So, I have spent a great deal of time combing through my new-found library and organizing it in typical Type A fashion.

One of the gems I found is: Rex Steward and Wingy Manone - Trumpet Jive! Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot stop listening to this album. I feel as though I need to thank Brooks for this one. Of course I dig Wingy and play him regularly, but this collaboration album is the ish. Do yourself a favor, and if you do not already have it -- go get it! (Which is excellent advice for life in general)

And on the note of digging through my music collection and getting excited over finding albums that are simply divine I would thoroughly enjoy some suggestions. DJing has turned out to be so much more fulfilling than I ever imagined. I started doing it as a personal challenge, and it has slowly turned into one of my favorite parts of being a vintage jazz dancer.

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